Meet Envoy

Payments processing is a vital necessity for your business. Why trust it to some impersonal financial factory or risk your business with someone who might not have the necessary horsepower? Meet Envoy, we are passionate about payments processing.

Worry Free Payments Processing

Full Service Payments Processing, a powerful suite of products, point of sale and marketing solutions that allow you to focus on the important thing….YOUR BUSINESS.

Gateways To Technology

From seamless Quickbooks POS & Accounting integrations to Mobile Payments to E-Commerce Gateways and all of the Virtual Terminals to sophisticated ERP systems, Envoy can board your merchant account and get you up to date with the latest technologies

Complex and High Risk Merchant Accounts Welcome

If you have issues with chargebacks or have a non-traditional merchant account, Envoy will assist to board it and help you get your business on the track towards success.

Envoy Payroll

Small business owner, meet Envoy Payroll. We are here to take the load off by providing a one-stop solution for hiring, paying, retaining, protecting and enhancing your team. Envoy has all of the solutions to meet your needs.

With Envoy, both “Interchange Plus” and “Flat Rate” pricing plans are available! Let’s work together to see what’s best for your business needs!

Envoy works with businesses of all types to make sure our clients are processing efficiently and securely with the most up to date technologies!

We know cash flow is important! Receive your funds as fast as the next business morning with batch cut-off times as late as 11pm EST. Including Amex!

American Express is now deposited same day as the other card brands. No more waiting three business days. Lower Amex rates are available now!

We offer reporting programs designed to minimize and reduce chargebacks, lowering your cost and allowing you to focus on your business. High Risk merchants eligible too!

Envoy’s executives have passed the rigorous ETA CPP exam demonstrating “knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex environment.”