1099 Agents

A Better Payments Model

Envoy Business Systems is actively seeking 1099 Agents who want to add one or more products to their sales arsenal and earn residual income for life of the account. Our flexibility allows us to work with you simply through a referral agreement or you can sell the account yourself!

  • Robust product set to offer all types of clients
  • High level of service for your trusted clients
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated sales support providing timely answers
  • High revenue sharing splits with competitive Schedule A Costs
  • Little to no account management once the account is up and running
  • Additional products to make your client more sticky
  • No minimums or quotas
  • Marketing pieces provided
  • No micromanagement
  • Reporting portal and CRM system
  • Processor agnostic solutions on multiple payments platforms
  • Amex Opt Blue Direct Settlement Program
  • No liability or risk
  • 24/7 Merchant Support
  • Inbound marketing support and lead generation
  • Residuals paid monthly
  • Marketing pieces provided

Take your merchant business to the next level with Integrated Software Vendors (ISV’s)

  • Do you have connections with POS providers or software developers?
  • Did you know that we specialize in supporting agents to build integration partnerships to increase your deal flow?
  • Did you know that we have all the tools – Technical to Marketing, Lead Generation & Reporting?

Software developers recognize the desire for their merchants to have payment acceptance integrated directly to their ERP software. Below are some key benefits to help you communicate to ISVs about partnering with you and Envoy for an integrated payment-processing system.

Easy Integration
Our “Develop Once” approach via our Developer Centric Gateway is committed to reducing precious development time, reducing development costs, while supporting most payment platforms for flexibility.

Our Single Stack API is PA-DSS compliant as required by PCI rules. This “Out of Scope” solution will put ISVs at ease and allow them to focus on their business

Marketing Campaigns
We deliver a comprehensive campaign for the ISV to address both their existing customer base as well as new customers boarded each month. These campaigns are designed to build trust and awareness and are carried out during the year for increased user adoption. These campaigns are designed to maximize program success. Business intelligence including Online Lead Generation is also provided to make sure that Non Sales Ready Leads are capitalized on when the timing is right, so you get the perfect balance of timing for sales engagement when the end user is in the buying stage.

More Revenue
Partnering with Envoy allows your clients to have payment acceptance integrated to their software application and generate a significant ongoing residual stream for them or their organization along the way.

Sales & Support
Envoy specializes in partnerships with Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs) for payment acceptance. These partnership programs include the initial design plan, including optimization for maximum adoption of users and the ongoing management of the program. We partner with the largest acquirers in the industry and deliver flexibility in accepting payments for ISVs.