Check Cashing

Payroll Check Cashing

At Envoy, we understand the needs of licensed and unlicensed check cashers. We help keep you in compliance with state and federal laws so that you can maintain a stable banking relationship and a profitable business. We aim to ensure bank continuity, preventing any interruption to these services. If you offer compliant MSB services, we support it.

What We Do

Establish a Direct Banking Relationship

Envoy helps our MSB clients to establish a segregated account, titled in the client’s corporate name and EIN or TIN number, exclusively for their deposit activity. Check data scanned from the client’s merchant location/s travels directly to the Federal Reserve, or respective landing zone, posting as cleared funds to the client account at the bank of first deposit by 9:00am ET, the following morning.

How We Do It

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

RDC begins with your computer’s high speed internet access, a scanner, or in some cases, an existing POS scanner, which will send check images from your business location(s) to your merchant account electronically.

RDC software, installed at any merchant location(s) worldwide, allows your staff to simply scan customer checks into electronic batches. The verified and uploaded items are delivered securely via the internet.

ACH Credits & Debits

We provide clients the ability to transfer funds to their via ACH, depending on the urgency to access funds and/or value.

ACH transactions are usually settled within forty-eight to seventy-two hours.

Availability of funds is at the discretion of the recipient bank.

Wire Transfer

We recognize our clients’ differing needs when it comes to transferring funds, relative to the immediacy and finality of settlement and the cost, value, and volume of transactions.

Our MSB-friendly Financial Institutions provide our clients, Domestic and International, the ability to send and receive Wire Transfers.

Deposits can be executed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our Check 21 vendors deliver client data directly to the Federal Reserve Bank for settlement, then for further credit to our partner MSB-friendly ODFIs.

You will have unlimited access to banking services and cash access.

Level Of Service

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best service in the industry.

Our partners service the MSB industry exclusively, and we make our customer service available 24/7/365

Integrate with Your Existing Accounting System

Retain your own data, securely stored on your PC hard drive, with no dependence on third party or other proprietary bank systems.

The check images and data are at your location, enabling flexible manipulation and integration with your back end accounting systems.

Available 24/7

Our first priority is to keep our customers banked and processing items. Our partnership with multiple MSB-friendly Financial Institutions allows us to meet that goal. If you have questions about establishing a new MSB bank account relationship, or would like help with your current account, please feel free to either e-mail or call us. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week

Manage Risk

Eliminate posting errors.

Information and control will be at your fingertips: view, print, or send any single item (front and back image information), or report on total activity year to date, from one or all locations.

All account information is SSL secured and available 24/7 on your management website.

Delegate access rights to staff for a single terminal, or multiple locations, ensuring the protection of confidential information.

Protect yourself from employee fraud with our tamper evident system, by tracking and comparing balances between your office, your website and your account.

Benefits for Money Service Businesses

  • The Reliability of Multiple Banking Partners
  • Accelerated Rotation of Working Capital
  • Mitigate Lending Line Costs
  • Better Compliance
  • Improve Efficiency & Increase Control

Options That Fit Your Business

  • Weekend deposits are available by 9:00am ET, each Monday.
  • Cleared funds can be returned to the client by ACH, Wire Transfer, or armored cash logistics.
  • CD’s, Surety Bonds or long-term fixed collateral are not required.
  • Check instruments must be drawn on a U.S. bank and denominated in U.S. dollars.


How do I get your system at my location(s)?

The IT department will work with your staff remotely, from our corporate office and simply install all necessary software on your computers. We will walk you through the entire process, from scanning the items, tracking the progress of your deposits, confirming receipt of your funds in your merchant account, all the way through notification of returns and re-presentment.

Our IT service department is available 24/7.

How fast will I have access to my money?
As long as your deposits are submitted before the bank’s designated cut-off time, your Monday through Friday deposits will process overnight through the Federal Reserve and land in your merchant account by 9:00am ET the following morning. Your weekend deposits will be presented to the Federal Reserve on Sunday night, allowing your cleared funds to appear in your merchant account on Monday morning by 9:00am ET.
Why should I send my money to you instead of sending it directly to a bank?
A client does not send their money to us. We never takes possession of the funds at any point in the transaction. The bank account is opened in the name and EIN number of the client’s corporate entity. All deposit data information goes directly from the Merchant location(s) to the Federal Reserve for settlement, then those funds land in the MSB’s Merchant Account at the bank of first deposit (established for the client by Envoy.)
How long will it take for me to open an account with one of your partner banks?
The length of the process depends on how long it takes for a client to return a completed application package to Envoy. After Envoy receives an completed application package, we can generally establish an account in two – three weeks.
Do you offer Spanish-speaking customer service?
We speak your language! Hablamos espanol!
What are the stipulations?
  • Cannot deposit more than $1000.00 per day per person
  • No US Treasury Checks
  • No Business to Business Checks