Cloud-based tablet point-of-sale systems offer faster transaction speeds, mobility, and efficiency, among other benefits.

Each day more businesses are choosing a cloud-based tablet point of sale (POS) system rather than a traditional register. Research suggests that among the restaurant industry alone 72% of businesses are actively looking into mobile POS options. The switch may seem like mere adherence to trend from the consumer perspective, but for businesses the decision to invest in a new cloud-based tablet POS has more to do with financial sense than staying on trend. Below are 4 ways a tablet POS can save time and increase profits for any business.

  1. Improves Transaction Speed: A tablet POS means a quicker turnaround time for every transaction. The resulting shorter lines not only improve client experience with a shorter wait time, but will also leave those waiting in line with less time to second-guess purchases. In addition to keeping average transaction values as high as possible, shorter lines also necessitate fewer employees at a point of sale station, leading to money saved through higher employee productivity or lower payroll costs for the business.
  2. Creates Business Mobility: A tablet POS creates more than simply a mobile alternative to the register. It creates a mobile business. Home deliveries, pop-up retail locations, and sales at street fairs and other mobile locations all become possible with a POS that can travel, leading to an increased customer base and the greater sales numbers that come with it.
  3. Saves Green by Going Green: The option to email or otherwise arrange for the mobile delivery of customer receipts saves both the expense and space at the landfill that the use of register tape and ink cartridges necessitate. That’s a win for the business and a win for the Earth!
  4. Creates a Remote Customer Database: A cloud-based tablet POS enables a business to quickly retrieve customer data, including the details of past transactions, remotely. This facilitates easier refunds or exchanges as well as assisting marketing efforts.

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