Envoy Virtual Terminal

Payment Gateway Core Features

Omni-Channel Platform
Ecommerce, Card Present, Mobile, Direct Marketing & MOTO, Restaurant, Apple

Currencies Accepted
USD, CAD, Many International Currencies Based Upon Processor Integration

Processor Connections
150+ Payment Processor Connections

Shopping Cart Integrations
100+ Integrations to the Most Popular Shopping Carts

Customer Support Options
Choose to Either Use Our In-House Support Team or Support Your Own Customers

Multi-Tiered Hierarchy Structure
Organize Your Customers, Partners and Sub-Affiliates

Virtual Terminal
Swipe Credit & Key-In Cards, and Checks From Your Browser

Recurring Billing
Setup Payment Plans & Subscriptions without Having to Collect Payment Information again

Reporting Capabilities
Search Transactions & Track Commissions

Manage Multi-MIDs
Board Multiple MIDs to a Single Gateway Account to Consolidate Reporting, Manage Branches, Organize Products, Etc.

Advanced Transaction Routing™ (ATRI)
Allows Merchants with Multiple MIDs to Process All of Their Transactions Through One Gateway Account

Optional Products

Many merchants want payment functionality that extends beyond a standard gateway account. As part of the Payments Enablement Platform, Envoy has built value added services that you can offer to your customers to fill their needs and strengthen your offering. Please note that Value Added Services have additional fees that are billed based on the customer accepting and using the services.

Security & Fraud Prevention Products

Real-time transactional fraud scrubbing that helps to differentiate legitimate from fraudulent shoppers.

Customer Vault
PCI compliant encrypted and tokenized customer credit card and ACH account data storage. Tokenization allows merchants to process transactions without transmitting credit card or ACH account data.

Account Updater
Account Updater is a service that helps ensure uninterrupted payment for your customers by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information. When a cardholder’s information changes, you will receive updated account information which may include new account numbers, new expiration dates, closed account and/or contact cardholder notifications.
*Requires Customer Vault and is Supported on First Data North, First Data South and PaymentTech Salem

Payer Authentication
Payer Authentication, also known as Verified by Visa® (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode™, are security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard that allow consumers to shop online more securely.

Automated and integrated web based process to PCI certify qualified merchants in minutes. Includes unlimited vulnerability scans by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), if necessary.

Payment Types & Acceptance Methods Products

Encrypted End-to-End Retail Swipe
Provides merchants and retailers with true end-to-end encryption processing by integrating the MagneSafe Transaction Security Solution.

The iProcess™ Mobile application provides merchants mobile payment processing software for their Apple device. Merchants can swipe credit cards to obtain retail card-present rates with the optional encrypted card reader.

Electronic Checks
Provides a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchant to accept and process electronic check payment directly from the E-commerce storefront or through the Virtual Terminal.

Enterprise Functionality Products

Electronic Invoicing
Enables merchants to invoice customers via e-mail and allows customers to submit payments by following an embedded link. Invoices are generated with line detailed information and automatically convert to PDFs that are attached and emailed to customers.

SyncPay provides support for payment processing from directly within QuickBooks Pro™, QuickBooks Premier™ and QuickBooks Enterprise™. The Plug-In allows merchants to pay invoices, generate sales receipts, process batch transactions, and view batch reports without ever leaving QuickBooks™.

Level III Processing
Level III Processing is used by government and enterprise-level corporations when handling large orders through business-to-business and business-to-government transactions.