Chargeback Management

Stop chargebacks BEFORE they happen with Verifi’s Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN)

Award-winning solution helps you prevent chargebacks with no IT pain and complete accuracy…guaranteed

Chargebacks are $40 billion problem that affects EVERY merchant’s bottom line. Whether caused by true fraud (identity theft or stolen payment cards) or friendly fraud (“buyers remorse” or disputing a legitimate charge), if you aren’t actively preventing chargebacks, your chargebacks will cost you. Get too many chargebacks and you could lose your processing privileges altogether.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier for consumers to dispute legitimate purchases, bypassing you and going directly to the bank to file a chargeback. When that happens, YOU pay the price. It’s estimated that for every $100 in chargebacks, your true cost is $308 in wasted time, expensive fees, penalties or additional losses of goods and services.

Take a bite out of your chargeback losses

While chargebacks are costly and painful, they can be prevented. Verifi’s innovative Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN) is a patented and award-winning chargeback management program that prevents chargebacks and protects your payments:

Extensive and Growing Partner Network of Top Card Issuers
Stops up to 40%* of your chargebacks

Protect Your Bottom Line
Avoid costly fees, fines and penalties…and potential loss of your processing privileges

Complete Coverage
Prevents BOTH fraud and non-fraud chargebacks

Avoid “False Positives”
Some solutions create dispute signals that don’t turn into actual chargebacks, adding costs for protection that you don’t need

Real Time Notifications Stop Losses
Prevent chargebacks from additional billings and stop losses from fulfillment of goods and services

Improve Staff Allocation
CDRN takes the burden off your staff so you save time to focus on your business

100% Accuracy
With Verifi’s zero-defect guarantee if a CDRN case is successfully resolved but later filed as a chargeback, you don’t pay

Easy and flexible set-up options to prevent chargebacks

With our self-service portal option, you can be up and running quickly in about a day without tying up valuable IT resources. Or, if you want us to manage your entire chargeback process for you, we can do that too. We’re flexible. Just choose the option that works best for your business.

A proven, zero-defect process for reducing chargebacks

CDRN‘s patented “closed loop” process redirects disputes from the Issuer to you, so you can respond and resolve the issue quickly and directly with the consumer. Whether you stop fulfillment of goods or services, provide a refund, or take no action and accept the chargeback risk, you are always in control.

Your partner in preventing chargebacks

Since 2005, Verifi has been the leader in chargeback prevention for businesses of all types and sizes. Emerging businesses to top Fortune 500 companies trust Verifi to protect their payments, reduce risk and maximize their profits.

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