Small businesses need cash flow: ensure yours with an e-commerce gateway, a dispute-resolution network, and a payroll system.

90 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years because of a lack of capital, not product. Cash flow is just as important as revenue or profit, and you may need certain loans and cash advance products in order to maintain this flow at first. Here are three products that will help you do just that.

An E-commerce Gateway

As the digital world becomes more of a part of the natural world of commerce, your e-commerce must evolve with it. A proper e-commerce gateway gives you the ability to create an instant payment structure for your potential customers. The second that your customer decides to buy, you should create an institution that allows that person to give you the money. This will reduce any potential buyer’s remorse that may cost you sales.

A Dispute Resolution Network

When a customer wants money back, it is usually best to respect that wish. However, you need a full network to get this done in an instantaneous digital world. Be sure that you have a system to return money just as quickly as you take it!

Payroll System

Your employees rely on you for their lifestyles. Your payroll ensures your company’s longevity. When your employees are happy, then you have a happy company, and the right payroll system, hopefully automated, gives you the leverage for this office atmosphere to occur.

Please contact us when you are ready to upgrade the payment products for your business. We provide you a full suite of real-time tools for use in your company.