Accept mobile payments in a new way.

More and more merchants today are using mobile readers to accept payment. It just makes sense because individuals wanting to sell goods or people running a small business all have smart phones. And fewer people carry around cash so a solution that works well is mobile payment. Some brands like Square gained initial popularity because they were the most prominent brand offering this innovative service. But now, consumers have a number of brands to choose from when it comes to mobile payment, including the superior products offered by Envoy Business Systems.

What are some specific things that set us apart from our competitors? There are many ways we handle our customers better, but here are a few. To start, our price structure is customized to fit our customers needs. We offer both flat rate and interchange plus pricing. Square offers a pricing system which generally results in a more expensive service.

Our competitors also do not understand customer service like we do. While users of Square might be frustrated with the product and can’t contact anyone outside of using the website, email, or Twitter, our customers are able to speak with a live person over the phone for assistance at any time.

The products we offer at Envoy also accept all mobile wallets including QR codes or NFC. Square requires their customers to link a debit card or credit card to a Square Wallet application. We really have considered more of the needs of our customers and found innovation solutions to the challenges of mobile payment. For more information on the mobile payment products offered by Envoy, contact us today.