Generate more business by accepting mobile payments.

Have you ever thought about becoming an independent consultant for a company? Maybe you already are one. Companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Saba, Tupperware and Thirty-One are just a few of the hundreds of companies out there who are constantly seeking to add more independent consultants who want to sell their products. For the company, the more people who sell their products, the more coverage the products get and the more money the companies make. For the independent consultant, the more sales they make the more their commission on that sale is.

Here is the million-dollar question. As an independent consultant, are you missing sales because of your inability to accept anything but cash? The truth is, you probably are. Think about this scenario. You are hosting a party for a group of friends to show off some new products. There are several in the group who want to order, but they would like to use their credit card to do so. Unfortunately, you have no way to process a credit card, so there goes those sales.

How can you accommodate that portion of your potential clients who want to use credit cards? The answer is to accept mobile payments. The ease of being able to swipe a credit card using your smart phone or tablet enables you to reach all facets of clients wherever you are. All that you need to make it possible is the technology that we can provide for you. Contact us for more information on our products and services to assist you in mobile payment processing.