Become a restaurant everyone wants to be at.

As technology moves forward at a rapid pace, another way that technology is coming into our lives and simplifying it is in restaurants. Tablet point of sale for restaurants is a new trend that has many advantages for the producer and the consumer. Envoy Business Systems offers a new tablet POS called Bindo Restaurant. Tablet POS isn’t just for nationwide chains. It is for small to medium businesses as well. There are over 300 features but here are just a few of the amazing features of Bindo Restaurant.

  • Metrics and data for the owners. Tablet POS goes far beyond letting the customer pay for their meal at the table. Bindo keeps track of your sales, revenue, and profit. It has many metrics and analytics tools to help you grow and make sure you are reaching your goals.
  • Convenience for the client. You may get a few customers that grumble about figuring out your system. But tablet POS is the way of the future. For the majority of your clients, the tablet offers them a simple way to pay and even has integrated ingredient tracking. This is more valuable than ever in a society where many people have dietary restrictions and food allergies.
  • Optimal customer relationship management. Keep track of your best clients and serve their every need. Customer profiles keep track of order histories so it is easier than ever for customers to come in and order “the usual.”

These are just a few advantages to switching to a tablet POS. For more information about how Bindo Restaurant can help you, contact us today.