High-risk businesses need to make special considerations when securing banking services such as payment processing.

In the global world of banking and payment processing, many businesses such as gun sale dealers, credit counseling services or merchants with poor credit are high risk businesses. As a result, many high risk businesses experience difficulty securing banking services such as payment processing. Envoy Business Systems, however, can assist businesses to meet their high risk payment processing needs with the following products and services:

  • Pre-Application – Merchant Account

A merchant accounts offers businesses the ability to accept credit and debit cards as well as a broad range of payment types. Merchant domestic or international accounts begin with a pre-application which includes the review of a business’ portfolio in order to identify potential financial institutions that can partner with high-risk businesses and establish a credit card merchant account.

  • Chargeback Management

When a customer refuses to accept responsibility for a cost charged on a credit card, then the disputed charge is a chargeback. At Envoy Business Systems, the effective management of chargebacks is simple and easy with the use of the CDRN® Merchant Portal. The CDRN® Merchant Portal is an online, proprietary tool which promotes resolution by merchants and significantly reduce: chargeback fees and volume, manual and paper processing costs as well as loss of revenue.

  • Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)

E-commerce affords merchants with an ability to process chargebacks, payroll, point of sale and check processing transactions. E-commerce also enables customers to accept online payments. The benefits of e-commerce can range from fast and mobile payment processing to identifying new customers to grow a business.

Envoy Business Systems partners with high risk businesses and providing viable solutions to deploy a path toward delivering effective high risk payment processing services such as merchant accounts, chargeback management and e-commerce. Contact us to learn more about the products and services available to high risk merchants.