Enjoy the benefits of electronic payroll

Small business owners have a lot to keep track of regarding employee management and company growth. Envoy Payroll Solutions can help small business owners with electronic payroll, in order to create a more efficient process when it comes to paying employees and tracking expenses.

Paperless Options

Electronic payroll from Envoy Payroll Solutions allows a small business owner to go green and save on unnecessary paper costs. Employees, subcontractors, and casual labor workers can all be paid via direct deposits or payday cards.

According to an article published by Business News Daily, “Rather than having to print out payroll reports, pay employees with paper checks, and record time and attendance via a paper time sheet, online payroll programs let you handle all of these tasks electronically.”

Electronic payroll helps a company keep better records, which is beneficial for staying on budget. It also comes in very handy during tax time and annual insurance audits.

Another great thing about Envoy Payroll Solutions, is that they can accommodate an employee that would still prefer a paper check. Their services are meant to be tailored to fit within any company’s specific payroll needs.

Customer Support

Envoy Payroll Solutions has a trusted staff of payroll experts that will be available to help customers with all of their processing and reporting questions. They can provide support for tracking employee hours, overtime, wage garnishments, and labor costs. Envoy Payroll Solutions understands that it is important to clients to have a strong and trusting contact person when working on time sensitive issues such as payroll reporting, taxes, and audits.

Envoy Payroll Solutions even offers a two-year price lock for their services.

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