Make life easier for yourself with electronic payroll

Small business owners have their plates full with duties surrounding operating a business, securing customers, and managing employees. Entering and tracking payroll can be a time-consuming process that keeps an owner in their office, instead of out in the field or workshop. Envoy Business Systems offers an electronic payroll service that will take the headache out of bookkeeping for any type of small business owner.

Online Payroll

When a company uses Envoy Business Systems for their payroll needs, they are making a switch to a more manageable payroll system. Online payroll allows a business owner to easily track not only an employee’s payroll, but also their benefits, taxes, reimbursements, and work expenses.

All payroll information can be set to private, so that only an owner or upper management official has access to the payroll files. A business owner also has the ability to make certain aspects of payroll available to different employees, which is great in situations where data entry workers need to key in time sheets.

Direct Deposit

Electronic payroll through Envoy Business Systems allows for employs to get paid in a more efficient and safe manner. Paper checks are no longer necessary, which is better for the environment and also better for a company’s time management. Office employees will no longer have to fill out paper checks and track down a manager for signatures. Business owners also save on postage because checks no longer need to be mailed through the postal system.

Direct deposit is also safer from a security standpoint because the chance of a check getting lost in the mail or stolen is eliminated.

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