Draw in more customers using free Wi-Fi.

If you have been in a coffee shop lately you surely have seen numerous people sitting there using their laptops, tablets, and phones. Some of them are doing work, some of them are playing games, and some of them are posting on social media, or reading. They are undoubtedly taking advantage of the Free Wi-Fi For Customers being offered by that store. More often than not the store requires that they make a purchase of some sort in exchange for using their Wi-Fi for free. Is anything really ever “free”? Did you ever suspect there might be more of an advantage to that store than just the purchase of a beverage to keep those customers sitting there and surfing online? Maybe, or maybe not, but you certainly can offer free Wi-Fi and get something in return-more customers and more sales!

Now, imagine if your establishment offered free Wi-Fi as an incentive to get more customers to come inside. In exchange for them sitting there for hours on end using your Wi-Fi (that you pay for) they would have to Like and Follow you on your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever else you have active to spread the word about your business. What a great way to grow your lists and get exposure to your postings and brand message. You would also have access to each customer’s email address to add to your list for your newsletters and sale announcements.

If Wi-Fi available at your establishment, take advantage of its power. Invite your customers to come in and stay a while! They will have a hotspot to stay connected, and you will have a wealth of information that you can use to boost your sales and brand.

We invite you to contact us to learn how to put a free Wi-Fi program in place for your business and use the information that you gather to your advantage. We can turn your analytics from a free Wi-Fi program into dollars! Free Wi-Fi For Customers – it really is a win-win proposition!