Include free wifi at your business site.

More and more, businesses of all kinds — restaurants, banks, even doctors’ offices — have begun offering free wifi to customers. And in fact, customers in this day and age really want it (after all, everyone is always using their smartphones). However, providing wifi does cost money to the business, and may not always be seen as a good investment.

However, free wifi for customers is good for any business, regardless of the type of customer.

First off, many customers do not only want free wifi available to them at a business, they demand it. After all, wifi is needed to do many day-to-day tasks that all people need to finish. Then, wifi seems less like a specialty offering, generating customer good-will; rather, it seems like a necessity, where if you don’t provide the service, customers will simply take their patronage elsewhere.

But beyond that, wifi can actually be very useful to a business. Wifi can be used to build up a company’s marketing database. This is how:

A business provides the option of free wifi to customers. Many will, of course, accept. When they access the wifi, they are prompted to enter their email address or help the business generate a social media presence — liking it on Facebook or following it on Twitter.

After the customer has done this, the business has concretely benefitted from the service, as well as having access to many more data points. Because with these types of services, business can gather information about customers that can be used in analytics to help the business even more.

These systems tend to be difficult to set up and administrate, so professionals are available to help — just contact them.