As a business owner, you know the value your loyalty cards play to your bottom line profit margin. But I also know how busy you all are. So here are a few fast helpful reminders that are easy to keep in mind and execute.

1. Load $5 or $10 on no less than 10 gift cards and keep them with you at all times. Give them out during the course of your day to anyone who has never been to your establishment. Give them an incentive to come by.

2. NEVER let a customer leave without a reason to come back. Always find a reason to send your customer off with at least $5 on their loyalty card. No one throws away money. Next time they go out, they will want to redeem the value on their loyalty card. And when they do, send them away with another incentive to come back. Get it? Always reward your customers for their loyalty.

3. Start selling loyalty cards now for Mother’s Day. Example… Add $100 anytime in March and receive a 10% top off. So $100 added to their loyalty card buys them $110. Remember, the top off, in this case, $10, is only a factor of your cost of goods. So if your cost of goods is 30%, you’re really only giving away $3.00.

Use your loyalty cards to bring in new customers and reward them when they do. And don’t forget to reward your loyal ones.