Our payment processing software seamlessly integrates with the Quickbooks programs so that there is less headache and stress.

Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software systems used in businesses today. Not only does it perform the basic accounting functions required of all businesses, but it is also capable of processing payments received by a business as well. Here is the catch. In order to perform that function, the business must purchase an additional software package designed exclusively for payment processing.

Intuit, the parent company of Quickbooks, does offer payment processing software called Quickbooks Payments. You would think that software made by the same company and designed to work within the Quickbooks program, then it would effortlessly do so. That is not necessarily the case with Quickbooks Payments.

The most popular complaints expressed by Quickbooks and Quickbooks Payments users have been:

  • Funds hold- Users have reported funds hold time of up to a month and sometimes longer
  • Problems with software integration between Quickbooks and Quickbooks Payments- Users have experienced problems with installation of the Quickbooks Payments software as well as getting it to work like it is supposed to with the Quickbooks program.
  • Inadequate and costly customer support- Users have reported that the customer support representatives seem inadequately trained to handle basic questions in regards to either program, as well as having extremely long wait times just to speak with a representative.

We here at Envoy Business Solutions can offer you payment processing software that is compatible with all the Quickbooks programs including Quickbooks POS, Quickbooks Financial and Quickbooks Online. No more will you have to deal with funds being held for an extended period of time. We designed our program to ensure funds are released the day after receiving the payment no matter what type of credit card is used to make the payment. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team that is always ready to assist you with any problems that arise. Most of all, our payment processing software seamlessly integrates with the Quickbooks programs so that there is less headache and stress for you as you begin to process payments at your own business. Don’t wait. Contact us today and see just what we can do for you.