Virtual terminal portability makes it possible for customers to make purchases 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

eCommerce demand has advanced virtual terminal solutions for electronic financial transaction (EFT) processing of credit cards, debit cards and checks. The latest in cloud-based payment gateway technology, virtual terminal software application as service (SaaS) solutions are much more than merchant point-of-sale (POS). Also turnkey operations applications, virtual terminal solutions integrate POS with enterprise operations, to support core management functions.

Merchant EFT to Mobile POS

Introduction of EMV chip card technology has promoted new virtual terminal features. With innovation in SaaS, merchants can leverage virtual payment technologies to enhance solutions applications for EMV chip card EFT. Virtual terminals also make simultaneous EFT transactions across an entire chain of POS network operations possible.

Payment solutions are now also flexible databases, enabling companies to synchronize distribution of POS data for use in accounting, inventory and controller reporting. From product tracking of SKU#s for inventory record and purchase orders, to marketing insights of consumer product preferences, POS records are vital documents. Virtual terminal solutions serve operations beyond a single transaction.

With ancillary service back-up on a cloud, POS transactions and data storage is continuous, whether merchants are present, or not. Flexibility extends to mobile app payment services platforms for smartphones and tablet POS. Virtual terminal portability makes it possible for customers to make purchases 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Secured Assets, No Systems Failure

Building capacity and performance into an organization, it is not surprising that virtual terminals have vastly changed the scope of enterprise operations. Virtual terminal capabilities enhance enterprise security and streamline management of risk. Reason why merchants are now sold on virtual terminal SaaS as a global operations solution. Protect valuable POS assets with a cloud-based virtual terminal.

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