Mobile payments lets your small business thrive.

It’s no secret we live in an increasingly cashless society. For most consumers, it is simply so much easier to pull out a piece of plastic, swipe it and continue to the other activities in their day. Traditionally, there have been some small businesses that were forever considered as bastions of the cash-only transaction. However, even with the smallest and most casual type of small businesses, recent trends are allowing independent business operators to gain more clients.

Stop at a fruit stand, a side-of-the-road flea market, a craft or antique show, or a small-town corn maze and it is not unusual for the cashier to accept mobile payments with a swipe of the customer’s credit card on a mobile phone or tablet. Other businesses like small-town lawn mowing or snow removal services also find they are gaining new customers as they increase the forms of payments they will accept from their customers.

These days, almost everyone carries a credit card and most people have a smart phone, so most customers are aware of fairly powerful applications they can use right from their phone. It is not that much of a stretch in a customer’s comfort zone therefore, to make the jump to allow a small business operator to use a phone or tablet for a transaction. For independent business operators, anything that can provide easier access to their product or service means an increase in patrons and an increase in sales. And these are the ultimate goals of every successful entrepreneur.

No matter how small your business, we can find ways to increase your customer base by streamlining customer transactions. For more information, please contact us.