Bring your mobile payments to your customer’s home.

Many small business owners work alone and must be able to provide fast and efficient billing service to their clientele. Hair stylists, handymen, landscapers, window washers, gutter cleaners, and house painters are just a few of the professions that involve remote travel to a customer’s home for service. The ability to use mobile payments and have a customer pay on-site in a safe and secure manner will help a company or worker see a return on their business. Envoy Business Systems has a mobile payment processing solution that is simple and cost-effective. Their application is also free to download.

The Beauty Industry

Hairstylists, skin estheticians, manicurists, and masseuses are starting to travel in order to provide services to their clients.

According to an article by Dana Schuster in the New York Times, “It’s not uncommon for hairdressers to make house calls for events like weddings or bar mitzvahs. But a seemingly underground contingency of individuals book their regular beauty appointments directly through their hairstylists, eyebrow groomers, bikini waxers and facialists, often unbeknownst to the technician’s or stylist’s employing salon.”

Beauty service providers that use Envoy Business System’s mobile payment processing solution will be able to key or swipe a transaction on-site. Customers will like the no hassle approach of quickly having their credit card scanned after receiving service. Plus the option of receiving a receipt via email or text messaging is an added paperless bonus.

The Home Service Industry

Contractors that provide niche service such as window washing, exterior painting, weed-eating, lawn mowing, and house cleaning often visit a customer’s property only once or on a designated day of the month or week. Mobile payment will allow clients to feel comfortable with paying for services as they go, while allowing a small business worker to collect their money immediately after a job is finished.

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