Envoy Business Systems can increase the speed of your sales transactions without compromising important data collection

The traditional bartering system of ‘cash for goods’ exchanges is becoming quickly outdated and inefficient. With payment revolutions happening daily, Envoy Business Systems can increase the speed of your business transactions, without compromising the collection of real-time data compared to other mobile payment applications like Square or Venmo.

The iProcess product that Envoy Business Systems offers can streamline transaction speeds at the point of sale. With a simple, free application and a cellular WiFi connection, the iProcess product allows customers to checkout within seconds and connect as many credit cards as they desire. The customer receives receipts by email or SMS immediately following their transaction for their convenience. If the customer decides a refund is necessary, simply go through your History Log and select the transaction to reimburse them fully or for a single item on the receipt.

The sheer speed of the iProcess product does not compromise customers’ safety and it captures real-time data from each transaction. This information includes gathering the geotag for locating the sale if your store is mobile! This data reported at the back-end can help visualize your business’s performance across varying areas, demographics and price ranges. With data-driven insights gathered from iProcess, your business can strategically plan a sustainable growth target and identify specific opportunities for improving your profit margins.

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