Easy, Cost-Predictable, Flat Rate Merchant Services 

Sick of trying to understand your payments processing bills? Do your rates creep without reason. Dreaming of a statement clear and concise with all fees disclosed on a single page? We can provide this sort of statement eliminating confusing acronyms such as NABU, APF, EIRF, FANF etc. We eliminate these fees and more with our simple flat-rate pricing program removing guesswork and allowing you to focus on your business. works for you…, an Envoy Business Systems Company, excels in customizing a flat-cost model for each customer allowing us to reduce costs associated with payments processing. We divulge the secrets payments companies would rather you not know.  What is the point of continuing to pay exorbitant rates on the sales you work so hard to earn? was the first to offer a .79% flat fee for all retail debit card transactions. Do you pay less than 1% for any card type? Almost 50% of your transactions could be at .79%

Nearly all payments processing companies charge rates based on the type of card presented: Bankcard, Checkcard, Pin-Based, Corporate, Rewards, Signature, World, etc. offers one flat rate for all card types including on one simple monthly statement. provides top-notch US-Based customer service. From our live 24/7 tech support team to our 24/7 multi-lingual Technical Support, we are always available to assist you and your staff. is powered by Envoy Business Systems. If you are currently processing with a major US bank or ISO, you are very likely processing payments with one of the companies Envoy already uses.  That makes installation and transition a breeze! has you, the business owner, in mind. Whether you are a small quick serve restaurant, or a large e-commerce site we’ve got you covered. We provide the same expert support to all of our customers regardless of payments processing volume. We process for Hotels, Service Stations, Package Stores, Websites, Restaurants of all kinds, Supermarkets, Legal Professionals, Car Dealerships, Medical Offices, and even high risk type businesses! can handle all of your business’s needs.  From simple countertop credit card machines, with CTLS and EMV, to mobile and Cloud Based Solutions, and multiple-station POS systems, stocks, serves, and sells all major brands of credit card machines for any Restaurant, Retail, Web, or B2B customer.

Furthermore, we provide plug-ins for major accounting softwares. With these plugins, our customers can have a flat-rate pricing structure while still utilizing their accounting ERP system such as Quickbooks, Sage, Peachtree, etc.

Off-premise sales are now simpler than ever before. Utilize our point of sale software or mobile swiper, compatible with Android and iOS, to process transactions while not at your business.

Why haggle with expensive virtual terminals and mobile payments processing accounts?

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