High risk merchants need to ensure the security of their payments.

Payment Processing Challenges for High Risk Businesses

What do online dating sites, firearms stores, fantasy sports betting, and fortune-telling have in common? Answer: many payment processing firms consider all of these industries (and many, many more) to be “high risk.”

That designation can really hurt a business if it affects their ability to accept their customers’ payments. In today’s marketplace, accepting credit and debit card payments is a must for any business. But for companies deemed high risk, getting those all-important plastic payment services can be more difficult than normal.

Businesses can be labelled as high risk for a number of reasons. Some may have had credit problems in the past. Some may belong to an industry with a high incidence of chargebacks; some sell products that are controversial or very niche. If your business falls into any of these categories, then you may well have faced challenges in finding a reputable payment processing company with fair and flexible terms.

How Envoy Can Help

The good news for high risk merchants is that Envoy Business Systems are experts in high risk payment processing. In the Pre-Application process, our team will work with you to assess your individual situation, then find the perfect fit for you in our network of banks and partners who are eager to work with businesses like yours. And once your card system is up and running, our Chargeback Management system helps you mitigate the headaches and risks to your bottom line of disputed charges.

At Envoy Business Systems, we know that just because your business is considered high risk doesn’t mean that you’re willing to take any risks with the security of your customers’ personal information. We are an Electronic Transaction Association-registered Certified Payments Professional organization, and fully PCI Compliant. If you’re having trouble finding a payment processing partner for your business, contact us today about our easy and secure high risk payment processing solutions.