Tablets provide a more affordable and versatile Point of Sale for your retail business.

Many businesses are making the switch to tablet point of sale for retail. At Envoy Business Systems, our software Bindo turns a tablet into a point of sale system for any business owner. This takes away the expense and the space required of a typical point of sale computer. And Bindo couldn’t be easier to use. Here are some of the features of Bindo.

  • Simple Scan Inventory: No need to do manual inventory with Bindo. Your tablet can simply scan the bar code of your inventory and in that one motion, your product is in your inventory.
  • Manage Inventory: Bindo makes it easy to search your inventory to delete, add, or edit items. You can track your sales and gain valuable information about your customers from the reports available.
  • Purchase With Ease: Track your purchases with the touch of a finger, review all of your order histories in one place, and take advantage of Bindo reorder suggestions.
  • Manage Staff: Your staff will be able to use your tablet for clocking in and out as well as gives real-time working reports. For added security, Bindo can take your employees’ pictures when they clock in and out.
  • Valuable Analytics: Any business needs to understand what the numbers say about their business to grow. Use Bindo to evaluate current performance against past performance, view sales summary reports, and see your best and worst selling products.

These are just some of the features of the Bindo POS from Envoy Business Systems. For more information on switching to tablet point of sale, contact us today.