Tablet Point of Sale Could Mean Bigger Profits

Big profits could be right around the corner. And the concept is pretty simple: if you want more profits, serve more customers at peak hours. A tablet point of sale for your restaurant could be the determining factor in making that happen.

Let’s break it down and take a look at some numbers to see how this works. For example, if you serve as little as two more guests during three particular peak business hours, that means you will have served an extra six guests in one day. If you can consistently serve those 6 extra customers every day for a month, then you have served 180 extra customers in one month!

Depending on whether you’re simply selling drinks during happy hour or full meals during lunch or dinner, your profits – from those extra 180 customers alone – could be between $900.00 – $2700.00 per month. Looking good so far? Now let’s think about how we can bring this to culmination for your restaurant.

First of all, think about how attached we, as a society, have become to our smart phones. We can use them for everything from playing a simple game to conducting our banking, right from the palm of our hand.

Introducing a point of sale right from the table could be the missing ingredient in your success story. It allows customers to pay without handing out their credit card and they can pay the exact amount of their own purchase if a bill covers more than one person. Tips can be managed at the tap of a finger, or a custom amount can be entered. Receipts are stored for personal reference on the part of the client and makes expense reports a breeze for you as well.

Aside from that, having this feature in place in your restaurant as an option for customers also greatly increases table turn around time, allowing for even MORE customers to be served, especially during busy meal times or when large parties are present.

Are you ready to discuss this option and increase your earning potential today? Just get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to help you get set up.