Tablet point of sale can help you develop a loyalty program

Retailers must work fast and efficiently for their customers. A great way to do this is to streamline the payment process, and also offer the best customer loyalty program to their buyers. Envoy Business Systems has practical software that will make it easier for a customer to complete a retail transaction and earn rewards for past purchases.

Tablet point of sale for retail businesses offer convenience with the payment process and with store loyalty programs, so that retailers can better focus on their customer needs and employee management.


Envoy Business Systems can allow retailers to staff their employees with tablets and meet customers as soon as they are ready to make a purchase. Dozens of patrons standing in line to buy something can be avoided, with more satisfactory customer service interactions being achieved.

According to an article published by TechSoup, “From museum stores to gift shops, organizations with retail storefronts need point of sales solutions that help process transactions, provide reporting, and manage inventory.”

Envoy Business Systems offers mobile payment acceptance and the opportunity for retailers to make the customer transaction process entirely paperless.

Loyalty Programs

Customers like to be rewarded, and making the switch to tablet point of sales will allow for better management of incentive programs and tracking of loyalty points. Envoy Business Systems has software that can allow customers to earn rewards and accumulate percentage discounts. They also offer ways to manage and follow gift card usage. This software gives retailers all of the client information they will need to form the best loyalty program for their customers.

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