Bring more money into your fast food restaurant!

Fast food restaurants rely on swift and courteous customer service in order to gain new customers and attract repeat patrons to their establishments. Tablet point of sales are therefore critically important to a fast food restaurant that wants to stay ahead of the curve, and give their customers the best available service and eating experience. Envoy Business Systems can help a company convert to tablet use and increase their sales and customer satisfaction.

Tablets vs. Cash Registers

Employees that can take orders via a tablet system will be more mobile. They can turn the screen around to face a customer and quickly high light selections. As a patron makes a choice, it can be immediately double checked for accuracy. The use of a tablet also eliminates the need for bulky cash registers that take up a lot of counter-space.

According to an article published by Postoday, “Tablet point-of-sale systems are emerging as one of the most popular trends going forward in the restaurant industry today. Traditionally speaking, bulky and cumbersome cash registers were the primary mode of charging customers for meals.”

Envoy Business System has a smart menu system that clients will appreciate because it provides large picture capability and a pure text option for speedy check-outs.

Drive-Thru Lanes

Fast food restaurants that have a drive-thru lane for placing orders and picking up meals and treats, will especially love going to system involving tablet point of sales. Orders can be placed directly with a mobile employee who is standing outside of the restaurant to assist customers in the drive-thru lane. Gone will be the days of misunderstanding an order through a speaker system. By using a tablet to take orders, drive-thru lanes will also be less likely to get backed-up and cause problems for the kitchen and staff.

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