Mobile payments are now an option through hardware and NFC technology.

One of the primary responsibilities for any business owner is simply to keep up with the times. It seems like each year new technology comes out that helps businesses in a wide variety of ways and by keeping abreast of the latest technology available to you, you can make sure your business is performing as well as possible.

With the rise of mobile payments, companies are now able to offer their customers more ways in which they can process their payments. This makes it easier on the customer, easier on your employees, and gives companies more options when it comes to processing payments on the go.

There are two main aspects to mobile payments that all companies should know about. First, there is the ability to process credit card information through smartphones and tablets. By adding some additional hardware and software to your mobile devices, you can process a credit card from anywhere – removing the need for customers to stand in line at a specific location.

The other component is allowing customers to pay through their NFC-enabled devices. This includes things like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Once set up properly, it will allow customers to simply tap their phones against a terminal in your store, and the payment will go directly to their credit card or bank account. More and more people are choosing to pay with this method, so by offering it to your customers, you make it more likely that you will complete the sale.

Getting started with mobile payments is relatively easy. When you’re ready, contact us and we can walk you through the process. Envoy Business Systems will set you up with all of the hardware and software that you need to begin processing mobile payments, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Before you know it you’ll be accepting credit cards right from your smart phone, or having your customers pay with theirs.