Our virtual terminal enables merchants to process any type of payment right from any internet connected device.

The Benefits of a Virtual Terminal

When you run a small business, accepting payment can be a challenge, especially when you are getting started. Of course there are methods to make it easier, like mobile payment options. But if you want to streamline your income methods, Envoy Business Systems offers a virtual terminal that will simplify your business.

Businesses can use virtual terminal anywhere they have internet access and a web browser. It allows you to accept all types of payment like credit cards, e-checks, and many international currencies.

It also allows you to set up reoccurring billing. So if you are a gym, a healthcare practice, or any other business that has customers paying a monthly due, virtual terminal makes this easy. We securely store customer credit card information to run the card on the day you choose each month for the amount of the due. This also helps with merchants who allow their customers to pay for an item or service in installments. We ensure this information is stored securely so your clients don’t have to worry about getting their credit card information in the wrong hands.

Our other advanced features allow you to keep track of your customers with valuable analytics, integrate with popular shopping carts, use our in-house support team, and streamline payment from multiple MIDs (mobile internet devices).

Envoy Business Systems understands that technology in today’s world can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses. We want to meet all of your technology needs under one roof. So for virtual terminals, tablet POS systems, mobile payment software, and more contact us today.