The Benefits of Mobile Payments

For budding entrepreneurs, mobile payment is a great way for people to be able to get their product out there and accept payment without having a point of sale system in place. You have seen it often with Square, Apple Pay, and similar devices or apps. Envoy Business Systems offers several ways for you to accept mobile payments. Our hope is to make business easy for entrepreneurs like you.

Our first product is called iProcess. It works on Apple or Android phones and uses an app and a device plugged into the auxiliary jack on a phone. It has all of the features you need, like digital signature, a free app for processing, email or SMS receipts, and a geotag on the location of the receipt. Users are able to capture valuable data on their customer base for future reference. Another method Envoy offers for mobile payments is called PAYware Mobile which is very similar to iProcess. Contact us at Envoy Business Systems to figure out which method is right for you.

Our final mobile payment system is called Phone Swipe. Phone Swipe is similar to PAYware Mobile and iProcess but it comes with some added features. Phone Swipe allows you to have your inventory tracked on your device, sorted by alphabetical order, price, or date added. You can even add pictures of your inventory for clarity.

Don’t limit your customers to those who carry cash when it comes to your small business. Accepting mobile payment will revolutionize your business. For more information on any of our mobile payment systems, contact us today at Envoy Business Systems.