Bring in more customers with free wifi

When it comes to finding ways to get your customers involved in your social media postings, there are lots of creative ways to do it. One way that provides benefits for both you and your customers is providing free WiFi for customers. Whether you are a retail store, coffee shop, or restaurant, more people are looking for free WiFi wherever they go. Gone are the days when WiFi in public places was used mainly for work and study from a laptop. Now people want to be able to hop on WiFi on their mobile device wherever they go for their Internet browsing and app use to cut back on their data usage.

Envoy Business Systems offers a marketing tool that allows you to offer free WiFi to your customers and helps you out as well. We call it Keystone. Keystone provides free WiFi to your guests at the cost of only their email address. This can be used for your marketing purposes. It also gives incentives for people following you on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. For example, a customer who logs onto WiFi can like your business on Facebook to receive 15% off their total purchase. Not only do your customers get the immediate gratification of free WiFi and a discount on their purchase, but not they are following you on social media and will see your following promotions on their news feed.

Another added benefit for you is that Keystone analyzes your customers from their social media accounts so you can have a better understanding of who your loyal customers are for better marketing and customer service in the future.

For more information on adding Keystone to your business to get free WiFi to customers, contact us today at Envoy Business Systems.