PCI compliance strategy is essential in keeping your business up to critical standards

As a modern company, you know that PCI compliance is critically important, but are you really living up to your obligations? Even if you’ve already trained your staff and gotten your business processes up to standards, complacency can erode your foundations. Here are three ways your enterprise might be at risk.

1. You Didn’t Prepare for the Holidays

In your eagerness to handle a big sales rush or deploy new seasonal features, you neglected to adhere to effective compliance practices, and you’re not alone. Industry studies reveal that businesses’ PCI DSS compliance scores have dropped every December for years. In addition to facing more attacks from hackers who think that the holidays make you easy pickings, you also have to contend with overworked staff and massive consumer demands that strain your systems.

2. Regulations Change

Sure, you mastered PCI DSS standards, but that was yesterday. While you deserve commendations, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels.

Best practices continually evolve, and so must your business processes. Whether you simply adopt new training practices or completely overhaul your approach to cyber security, you need to keep up, and experts say that it’s not getting any easier.

3. Your Business Is Growing

The biggest challenge to PCI compliance may be an unavoidable side effect of your business strategy. As you grow and expand, the tools and systems you use also change. If your governance strategies stay stuck in the past, your entire enterprise will get left behind too.

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