Attract more customers with a flexible payment process

The field of information technology has been a boon to businesses. Even small, local companies and individuals who operate their own business out of their home can consider the possibility of having customers all over the world. Thanks to the explosion in technology services, businesses can now offer convenient payment services in just about any physical and virtual location.

Our Envoy Business Systems Virtual Terminal product provides the flexibility that organizations need to garner more customers and stay competitive with other vendors. Virtual Terminal provides functionality for mobile payments, Card Present, eCommerce and much more. Organizations can reach farther by taking advantage of multiple currencies including US, Canadian and other foreign currencies across the world. Our Virtual Terminal product can integrate with a wide variety of shopping carts as well as seamlessly connect with over 150 payment processors.

Allowing your customers to pay in multiple formats is one of the keys to satisfying your clients, as well as providing a steadier revenue stream for your business. Virtual Terminal offers multiple ways for your patrons to pay such as Key-in Cards, credit card swiping and remitting checks by browser. Recurring billing is available as well for items such as magazine subscriptions, gym memberships and other recurring payments, with client payment information stored securely in your customer vault.

For more information about our Virtual Terminal product and how it can help you to serve your customers betters, please contact us. In addition, ask us about our valued added services that can help you provide premiere assistance to your clients.