Utilize virtual terminals and let your business accept payments anywhere.

Have tablet, will travel. Virtual terminals can revolutionize the way your business accepts payment.

It is easy to see that the landscape in many of the service industries is changing. The tradition brick and mortar configuration with monthly billing is changing. Along with the landscape, accounts receivable is changing, also. Now, thanks to solutions provided by Envoy Business Systems, even small businesses can bring the point of sale to the customer.

Now, your business can accept all types of payments anywhere you have an Internet connection. Your cash flow will improve by taking credit cards or e-checks no matter where you make the sale. This is a perfect solution for the service provider in non-traditional environments. Are you a mobile dog groomer? Now you can take credit cards or e-checks and process the payments immediately. No more waiting to gather all the checks from the week, prepare a deposit ticket, go to the bank and hope that all the checks will clear. Now, you can get paid on the spot.

Virtual terminals are the perfect solution for any business where you want to take the point of sale directly to the customer. Do you own a restaurant? Now, your servers can accept payment at the table. The customer never has to let their credit card out of their sight. The server can even take and process checks immediately at the table. Think of the convenience for your customers. In addition, you will be eliminating the wasted time the server spends taking the payment into the back to process the card. Your customers will receive better, more timely service because of virtual terminals.

For more information on how your business can accept payment anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser, contact Envoy Business Systems.