Tablet point of sale for retailers

At Envoy Business Systems, one service we provide is tablet point of sale for retail. You have probably seen it at many businesses you go to and maybe you are considering it for your own. Tablet POS is growing in popularity and here is a look at why.

The biggest advantage by far compared to a traditional point of sale computer is cost savings. According to an article from Entrepreneur, for many small businesses switching to a tablet point of sale system is a no-brainer. Writer Catherine Clifford says for Bean Sprouts Cafe in Wisconsin,

“The set-up costs for an iPad-based point of sale system for her healthy, kid-friendly café were $10,000 less than it would have been with a traditional point-of-sale system.”

For small businesses, $10,000 makes a huge difference. Tablet POS makes opening a small business even more accessible for entrepreneurs. In the past, mobile POS systems like Square were used by businesses that did not have a brick and mortar location—think merchandise for a band or a food truck. But now, many physical retailers are finding a tablet POS to be easier and less expensive.

Envoy Business Systems offers Bindo, a tablet POS system that will save you time and money. Inputting inventory takes hours instead of weeks on a manual system. And Bindo captures valuable customer data that earlier tablet POS systems were not able to do. At Envoy Business Systems, we know tracking your customers for more efficient marketing is an important part of what you do and we have ways to help with that. For more information on Bindo POS, contact us today at Envoy Business Systems.