Bring the benefits of a Point of Sale to your coffee shop

Imagine you walk into your local coffee shop. The atmosphere is cozy and abuzz with people typing quietly away on their laptops, talking with friends, or peacefully sipping on a cup of coffee. You see a few people you know chatting in a far corner. On the walls are pieces of art by local artists and the food for sale includes donuts from your local donut shop. Everything about this coffee shop says “small town, small business”—in the best way possible.

The owners of this coffee shop, have a goal to provide great service to their customers and support other local businesses. They are a staple of their town. So they look for ways to cut costs to keep their prices low and their customers happy. When they set up their shop, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a clunky computer to process payment, they went with the increasingly popular tablet point of sale for retail.

At Envoy Business Systems, we can provide businesses like this with many advantages when setting them up with a tablet point of sale. The main one is that we can save them a ton of money compared to a traditional POS setup. We also make inventory easier than ever before with the ability to scan bar codes with the tablet. Also, our customer profiling keeps track of a customer’s name and order with every card swipe so you can keep tabs on your customers to better serve them.

To find out more of the benefits of the Envoy POS system, contact us today at Envoy Business Systems.